Welcome to my little corner of the web. I am a drum set, Latin percussion and jazz educator, clinician, and performer who resides in Iowa City, IA.

This is what I do and have been doing for the last 50 + years to one degree or another: Play drums, teach drums, write for drums, give clinics about drums (Latin and jazz issues), study drums, love drums and own all manner of drums.

My rich drum life has been nurtured by a vibrant and full “real” life that includes my amazing wife, family, friends and numerous musical collaborators, all growing amongst the tall corn fields of Iowa.

I am currently a full time Associate Professor of Instruction in Jazz Studies at the University of Iowa, where I engage drumming, jazz, Latin jazz and talented students every day.

I also play as much as I can with the great musicians who live here in Eastern Iowa. I have numerous groups that I play with, however, my recent projects are the Beaker Brothers Band and my Latin jazz group RITMOCANO. 

I have published a boo through Hal Leonard called “Latin Jazz Guide, A Path to Authentic Percussion and Ensemble Performance,” Please check it out here, at the companion website. Ny next book project, “Standard Tune Learning Sequence, A Musical Approach to Improvisation for Jazz Drummers” will be published fall of 2021.

My intention is that this web presence will function as a resource for other fellow drum/Latin/jazz/music enthusiasts.  Please check out the “Resources” and “Links” section and contact me with any suggestions or additions.  Enjoy, jd